Here’s what reviewers are saying about PLEASE DELETE:

“John Diamond has written a compelling and clear insider account of a complicated and distressing story. PLEASE DELETE should be required reading for any student of leadership and politics and anyone who cares about public accountability.”

Brian Naylor, National Public Radio

“PLEASE DELETE is a fascinating and revealing case study of how leaders react and respond to pressure. The book will appeal to anyone interested in the interplay of leadership, politics, and the news media.”

Terrence J. MacTaggart, former university chancellor and author of Leading Change: How Boards and Presidents Build Exceptional Academic Institutions

“John Diamond offers an informative and insightful examination of professional ethics at the intense intersection of higher education, state government, and journalism. He deftly weaves his personal plight into poignant stories of competing loyalties and the consequences of honoring your principles.”

Bob Steele, journalism ethicist and retired professor and ethics institute director

“Universities must commit themselves to high standards. PLEASE DELETE reminds us of that expectation—and the moral fortitude necessary from all levels of the organization to keep and protect the public trust.”

Karen Yelverton-Zamarripa, assistant vice chancellor,                      California State University